Manny’s Gone

Manny’s away for 10 days… He left a sweet note under my pillow, but he’s left no directions for our sole remaining chicken (until the 5 day-olds he just ordered arrive – no idea when that will be). A raccoon the size of our 75lb Pointer/Lab mix, Fergus, stole 2 more away from us last week, including our most productive egg producing one, named “The Stray”, as she was molting and pretty horrendous looking back when she arrived 2 years ago. Anyway, Manny had relocated our surviving chicken into a wire cage in the garage, with food and water. She left me and the kids an egg this morning so she can’t be too bothered by her safehouse.   I felt sorry for her since the weather’s pretty nice, so I went to get her out to let her roam during the day, and boy did I get one helluva chicken flap straight to the eyeball when I was trying to get her out of the cage.  Then I poured out the meal leftovers for her (a few blood oranges, a banana, some broccoli stems, stuff like that) but clearly Manny hadn’t emptied the leftovers box in quite a while, since a blue cloud of mold smoke blew right into my face as I dumped the box into the yard. Nice. As the chicken started eating the moldy food, I wondered if I shouldn’t skip the next few eggs… Maybe I’ll set them aside for Manny, as he’s partying at a family wedding in Oxford and then crossing back over the pond to head straight off for a full week of skiing in Colorado for a friend’s birthday. 

I just let most of my staff at work go last week, and am left to work on 3 1/2 hours of content for a sales meeting next week, so enough with the chickens. It’s checkers and a bike ride with the kids, then straight to work on my presentation.

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